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Since the early 90's Full Tech Paranormal has dedicated itself to investigating all claims of paranormal activity.  The team utilizes the latest technology to document potential activity as well as bring you peace of mind.  Our services extend beyond investigating and documenting potential paranormal activity.  We SPECIALIZE IN CLEANSING the premises, or person upon request. Our staff can also provide referrals to licensed counselors. Full Tech has over five decades of combined experience. Full Tech Paranormal can guarantee a professional and thorough experience.  Anonymity provided upon request. 

2018-2019 NEW CASES

Full Tech Paranormal Investigations, LLC. Is continuing to work on new cases through 2019. Some of the cases and event that we have been involved with, are but are not limited to, Inland Empire Magazine’s October of 2018 article about FullTech Paranormal’s Jon Kirchoff. There will be another article coming out in 2019 with another magazine, and we will keep you updated. In 2019 Jon consulted for season two of the Netflix series “Haunted”. The newest paranormal case is in Riverside, CA and involves the haunting of a home and in the room of a small child. The team has already been to the home once and will be going back to complete the case with the cleansing. Don’t forget to keep up with these events on Twitter and Facebook.


Recently two of our lead investigators Jeff, and Chris Rausten traveled  to England for a case .  While in London, they and the opportunity to participate in a local ghost walk.  The following is Jeff's account of the ghost walk he participated in while overseas.

The Rising Sun by Jeff Rausten

  I had the opportunity to visit London earlier this month with my wife Chris. While there we decided to take a ghost walk through the streets of London. We were hoping something spooky would happen due to fact it was Friday the 13th and it was rainy, dark and cold at night in London, but much to our disappointment, nothing really out of the ordinary occurred during our walk.  We did get the opportunity to hear some really great history and enjoy the company of a lot of other believers.  

    We then went on to our investigation site, the pub I mentioned, called the Rising Sun. This pub was once known to be a place where you could obtain a fresh corpse to practice medicine, if you were an aspiring doctor.  It was extremely illegal due to the fact that the bodies that were being sold did not always die of natural causes. The once living people were drugged then killed in various brutal ways. The pub was rumored to be very haunted with at least 2 to 3 spirits that are known to make appearances regularly.  Hearing this story of course sparked Chris and my curiosity so we decided to take on the investigation at the pub, as representatives of Full Tech Paranormal Investigations. 

   When we first walked in the door of the pub it was really quiet and there was only one couple in the bar being served by one female bartender. When we walked in we got right into interviewing the Bartender, to learn of any personal experiences. I asked the girl if she ever had any paranormal experiences due to the fact the pub had such a reputation.  The Bartender said didn't but that other employees and some customers had reported seeing shadow figures, bar glasses flying off the tables, and screams and voices coming from the bathrooms.  After hearing the accounts we decided to settle in and start rolling video and audio for potential visual, and E.V.P. evidence. The place was ridiculously quiet. There was no music, no TVs, just a very eery quiet.  The two customers had long since left the bar, and the three of us left were staying quiet. The atmosphere felt like a library. It was at that moment that Chris decided to go look around and to use the restroom or the "Loo", as it is often referred to in London.

 Chris soon returned to where I was sitting, with nothing to report. I decided to go look around as well. I first started upstairs. While I was up there I got a feeling I wasn't alone.  The air around me soon became ice cold, and all of a sudden I could see my breath. The hair stood up all over my body. As quickly as the cold came it left. I then went into the restroom where there had been reports of strange happenings. While in the men's room I thought, I might as well make good use of it. That is when something strange occurred.  As I was using the restroom and I was in there all by myself, I made the statement, if there's someone here can you give me a sign. Not more than one second later every toilet in that bathroom flushed on its own.  I politely said thank you and finished my biz. I left to rejoin Chris. I could hardly wait to tell her about what happened.  The thing that made it paranormal was, each toilet did not have a sensor or any other automatic flush mechanism. Each urinal had its own handle, and I was the only person in the small toilet room, I can say with confidence that categorizing this as a coincidence would be a stretch. Thoughts??

New Case Announced: The Downtowne Bookstore

On Friday May 23rd the team will be conducting an investigation at a well known paranormal hotspot: The Downtowne Bookstore in downtown Riverside.  There has been many instances of paranormal activity at this historic location.  Below is an excerpt about the location and as always we will be live tweeting the investigation @ftparanormal.

"Steps from the Mission Inn Hotel, in the down town Riverside Historical area lies a long narrow corridor leading back to the "Downtowne Bookstore" on Main St.  Having been featured on ABC 7 Eyewitness news October 10, 2010 and again in the PressEnterprise and NBC news June 12 th, 2011 as an historical hotspot for paranormal activity, 3 separate paranormal groups investigated the bookstore and provided the owners with a notebook of evidence.
Built in 1929, the store was later bought by two eager sisters wanting to fulfill a high school dream. They opened the bookstore in 1979.  It later became part of the famous down town Ghost-Walk.  Some of the paranormal activity taking place have been books slowly leaving the shelves and falling to the ground. Sightings of a child in the basement as well as several light anomalies caught on film."

New Case Announced: Temecula Valley Wine Country

Full Tech Paranormal has just locked down our next case. We will be revisiting a case from our distant past, located in the wine valley area of Temecula. The residential property sits on former Native American land. Numerous artifacts and evidence of Native American culture is scattered throughout the spacious property.  

Reports of paranormal activity include full bodied apparitions, phantom voices and footsteps.  You can also read about the details of activity and our last visit to the property by CLICKING HERE.

We will be conducting the investigation Sunday April 13th.  We will be live tweeting the case beginning at 7pm on our twitter that can be located at www.twitter.com/ftparanormal 

New Case Announced: San Jacinto

Full Tech Paranormal is heading to San Jacinto for an investigation scheduled for Saturday, February 8th.  The team will be looking into reports of shadow figures, apparitions, physically being touched by an unseen force and eccentric behavior of family pets.  We will keep you posted with details on how to follow the case live via Twitter as well as when the case will be posted.

New Case Announced: 13-02 The Cucamonga Cleansing

Full Tech has been called in to conduct a case in the city of Rancho Cucamonga this Friday March 22nd.  Reports include a male apparition being seen, shadow figures, voices being heard and feelings of being touched.  The reported activity has followed the family from their old house to their current one.  Stay tuned for our case summary and follow the case live HERE this Friday starting at 9:00pm.

New Case This Friday

    Full Tech Paranormal will be conducting an emergency investigation this Friday, January 10th.  The homeowners have been experiencing an aggressive presence that has them fear for their safety.  The homeowner has reported shadow figures, extreme feelings of dread and waking up being chocked by an unseen force.  Tune in to our twitter feed for live updates during our investigation and like always we will post any evidence we find in the coming weeks.  

New Case This Friday

Full Tech has finalized our next case which will be taking place this Friday the 9th.  The client has requested anonymity at this time so we can't reveal very many details around location, history, etc.  What we can reveal is that the case will be taking place in Hollywood, CA and that the client has had contact with full-bodied apparitions.  More info will we revealed after the case.  You can also follow our case live via Twitter HERE.  

Full Tech Interviewed in Podcast

 Full Tech Paranormal was recently featured as a guest in The Armchair Philosopher podcast:

"We're a week late on Halloween, but Sean meets up with Jon Kirchoff founder of Full Tech paranormal Investigations.  We talk about focused, non-terminal repeating phantasms, or Class Five full roaming vapors and more!  Music by Tyler Daniel Bean and Josh Rouse and the Long Vacations."

Link to Podcast and Show Notes: http://www.theaxpx.com/the-axpx-podcast-8-paranormal-activity/

Subscribe to the Podcast Here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/axpx-podcast-1-introduction/id528951231?i=115613334


New Updates

Full Tech is in the process of locking down two investigations at great locations.  In addition we have recently updated much of our equipment to help bring you higher quality, more chilling evidence.  We will  the location of our upcoming investigations very soon so stay tuned!